Valenttina Carfagno will see her creations make a debut on the runway this week, as Ewing Fashion Agency is holding a fashion show featuring her wonderful designs exclusively for the first time. INFO HERE

As you can all imagine, Valenttina has been quite busy lately, but she was so kind as to lend me some of her time so we can talk about her passion for fashion. Enjoy!

Valenttina 1

Sienna Fredriksson: Valenttina, most people got to know you as an accomplished model, you were even selected as a SL Miss World finalist among other things. What drove you to start designing clothes as well?

Valenttina Carfagno: Designing clothes has always been a RL passion of mine, but let’s say that what I do in RL is pretty far from it, since I’m an engineering student. When I came to SL and experienced so many wonderful things in a world full of creativity, I saw my chance of developing this side of me that I hadn’t explored much before. So, that made me start doing research within SL on how to make clothes and fulfill my passion.

Sienna Fredriksson: I must say, the name of your store, Frozen Turquoise Valentine, is innovative and unique. How did you come about it?

Valenttina Carfagno: When I produced my first line of clothing and decided that it was good enough to put on sale, the search for a name began. After several talks with my SL partner, we came up with Frozen Turquoise Valentine, Frozen since he is from Canada, Valentine because of my SL name and because it added a romantic touch to the brand and Turquoise because I’m simply mad about them, hehe.

Sienna Fredriksson: How would you describe the style of the clothes you design in a few words?

Valenttina Carfagno: Practical, sophisticated, forward, stylish, elegant.

Sienna Fredriksson: It is certainly amazing and hard to believe that you have been designing for only 3 months – your items are very elegant and detailed! Did you have any RL experience before doing this?

Valenttina Carfagno: Honestly, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in the beginning, except for that I felt very passionate about fashion. I came on SL at a point in my life when I had a lot of free time, so when I found this path I dedicated a lot of time in doing research, teaching myself how to use the graphic programs necessary to develop my goal. So, everyday I tried to learn more and more about designing and so far I am my first and primary competition, I’m always trying to become better.

Valenttina 2

Sienna Fredriksson: Besides talented, you’re also prolific. You have 3 collections already and more on the way. How much time would you say you approximately spend on designing per week?

Valenttina Carfagno: Well, I don’t really know. People seem to ask this question a lot, hehe. Nowadays, I think it’s about 15 hours a week. RL is back to normal and I don’t have all the free time I used to have back when I started. But I enjoy designing tremendously so every moment I can, I do it. 🙂

Sienna Fredriksson: I noticed you named your latest designs after big cities of the world. Do you find inspiration in images from different countries? Where else do you get your inspiration from?

Valenttina Carfagno: I really enjoy traveling and it’s very interesting to see the diverse cultures you can find in different countries, so yes, for this collection I found a lot of inspiration in different cities. But besides that, I think I get inspired almost by anything, an image, a sound, actually anything can trigger your imagination.

Sienna Fredriksson: In your upcoming show with Ewing Fashion Agency, you’ll switch roles for the first time and won’t be on the catwalk yourself, but you’ll admire your creations off it. How do you feel about that? You must be really excited!

Valenttina Carfagno: It’s definitely very exciting to be the designer for a change and the feedback for my designs has been amazing, so I am thrilled and very thankful to be where I am right now. But of course I will be praying for low lag on behalf of my fellow model colleagues, haha!

Sienna Fredriksson: Tell us some things about the clothing that will be presented in the EFA show, titled “On Honeymoon with Valenttina.”

Valenttina Carfagno: It’s a very fresh and diverse selection of clothing, full of colors, style and attitude. It’s my first runway show, so I want to give people a general look of my collections. On my third line, a played a lot with sculpties to compliment the outfits, so you will see some of that prim work on the clothes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when making it! 🙂

Valenttina 3

Sienna Fredriksson: You got married recently – my warmest congratulations on that! and EFA gave you this show as a wedding gift. I take it you designed your own wedding dress?

Valenttina Carfagno: Thank you very much! Yes, I have been working with EFA’s wonderful team for a while now and I was shocked on my wedding day by their generous gift, which I am very grateful for. I did design my wedding dress and also the one for the bridesmaids, that was awesome because I got just what I wanted for that special day, hehe.

Sienna Fredriksson: What are your plans for the future as far as business goes? We’re to expect more of your lovely creations soon?

Valenttina Carfagno: Definitely, you will see more of my creations soon. My work is always in progress, I’m constantly trying to come up with new and exciting things. I’m currently focusing on the advertising of the brand and as I mentioned before, the feedback has been amazing so I’m really pleased. You will be seeing a lot more from Frozen Turquoise Valentine in the future.