This week, I wanted to highlight some of the latest Neko fashions. I asked my good friend and fellow model, Adian Brouwer, to take me to some of his favorite stores so we could put together something tough and trendy.

Adian Brouwer

After a whirlwind shopping trip from one store to the next, Adian finally settled on this gorgeous, striped turtleneck sweater from Gothicatz. The textures are rich and incredibly detailed, while the oversized prim collar and the soft muted color tones definitely set this sweater apart. Staying true to his alley cat past, Adian chose some carefully shredded jeans and some rough and ready, metal toed boots. Finally, we decided on a belt that actually came as part of the sweater set and put in a simple eyebrow piercing.


Jeans: FORM – ShredR Jeans Lowrise, L$ 75, no copy/mod/transfer

Sweater: Gothicatz – Capuccino(male), L$ 350, copy/mod/no transfer

Boots: Desert Moon Clothiers – Avenger Boot Black, L$ 200, copy/mod/no transfer

Neko: Hybrid Counter Culture, L$ 350, copy/mod/no transfer

Jewelry: addiXion – Arrows EyeBrow Piercing, L$ 150, no copy/mod/transfer

Hair: Tami McCoy – Dangerous- Midnight, L$ 199, no copy/mod/transfer