Typically, when shopping I like a store that has something more to offer than just stuff. I mean I can get stuff anywhere. It is nice to find a place that draws you into the atmosphere and makes you wanna see more… and buy more! Give me something that I can sink my credit card into. Build it and I will come.

Just the facts

Name: Refuge

Owned and Designs by Trinitee Trilam

Shop Category: Clothes, Hair & Acessories

Price Point: Low


1 Dislike

2 Could do better

3 OK

4 Not Bad

5 Loved it

General Environment Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bagShopping bag

  • First Impression – Cool! check2
  • Decor (interesting and original) check2
  • Music (Hard Rock) check2
  • Ease of Navigation (Not awesome) check2

Customer Service Shopping bagShopping bag
  • Level of Knowledge (no-in store help)
  • Interest in helping (Not applicable)
  • Did they suggest anything new (not really)
  • Availability (no policy but you can IM the owner)
  • Demos (available for hair)
  • Freebies (not applicable)
  • Notecards with service info (Not applicable)
  • Communication (Blog and Flickr) check2
  • Models demonstrating attire (Not applicable)
  • Refund policy (no clear refund policy but items are no transfer, so no returns)
  • Permissions (No Transfer, no copy)
  • Custom work (Not applicable)
  • Pose stands (none)
Selection Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bag
  • Variety, there was a good amount of variety check2
  • Versatility (you can mix and match the clothes well) check2
  • Color choices- yes check2
  • Quality was pretty good check2
  • Matching accessories available (there are some acessories for purchase) check2
Packaging Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bagShopping bag
  • Contents of the pack – purchase, landmark and picture check2
  • Purchase delivery in folders check2
  • Item naming – vendors provided a lot of information check2

As you enter the old abandoned church that is refuge, past the unhinged dirty doors, you are greeted with pews, an alter and even a few kneeling benches for praying. The interior is dark and dirty with all the trappings, even cobwebs in the rafters. I love the concept. The music is as hard rock as the style.

Refuge’s owner and designer is Trintee Trilam. There are no freebies but the prices are low enough to try one thing out to see what the quality is. Instead of the typical update group to join there is actually a mailing list for the Refuge blog for updates and pictures are available on Flickr. The blog looks awsome with many pictures and very up to date. The clothes are casual and cute with a punk, rock feel. There were fashion tops, skirts, jeans, leather pants and hair to choose from. Browsing the walls of the shop was somewhat of a task alt-zooming up and over to see all there was. There were a couple of things hidden far which turned out to be some items for guys. I found the prices very reasonable with nothing above $L200 except for the some full outfits and money saving multi color packs. With alot of items being separate mix and matching seemed to be encouraged. Hair was good quality and casual and well priced. The styles fit the clothes and if you are looking for a relaxed look there you will find it at Refuge. Each of the vendors had a picture of the outfit and a description of what you get in the pack.With your purchase you get a folder with a landmark and a picture of your outfit which is great if you have an overflowing inventory and cant remember what each item looks like before you put it on. There was color choices and wonderful styles to fit most tastes. A nice plus, each vender named the hair the model was wearing which is great when you are dying to know.

I was not really in need of help and so I was not too upset to browse alone. The designer’s profile offered little information as far as store policy. All items are no transfer so there will be no returns or gifting. Trinitee creates an original decor for your shopping pleasure and enough to choose from at reasonable prices that will have you inventory bursting by the end of your trip.

I give Refuge

Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bag


WATCH THIS SPACE! I might be strolling taround your area checking out your shop. If you have your own shop, your favorite shop or wish someone would take a look at that shop around the corner, you can request a full shop review. Contact us for further information. TAG! you might be it.

Shopping Tip: It may be a good idea if you think you want to buy a lot from one shop to buy one thing, try it on and make sure that it’s really the quality you are looking for.

Happy Shopping!