One of the things I love most about Second Life is that it allows us to experiment and to find new ways to express our inner selves – or just our current moods – through fashion. You can go from sophisticated businessman to sun tanned beach bum in a matter of seconds. This week, I wanted to try something really different: I wanted to get in touch with my inner emo.


I started with this eye catching t-shirt from Rocker’s Wear. I loved the bold, horizontal stripes and the contrasting colors so much that i even dyed the ends of my hair to match. I donned a pair of tight, old blue jeans from Elephant Outfitters and these “Flare” oxfords from Shiny Things. Now it was time to add some fun accessories. I found this unusual, industrial looking belt at Monogrind and the wristband I found at Head -Toe. This scarf,  from FNKY, was a real find because it changes colors and textures with a click of the mouse. After trying a few different colors, I opted for a muted red with a simple, woven texture and headed straight to my favorite alternative music club.

Hair: Armidi – The Individual – Tipped Blondes L$295 (No Transfer)

Scarf: FNKY – Multi Scarf L$200  (No Transfer)

Shirt: Rocker’s Wear – Emo Stripes L$50  (No Modify, No Transfer)

Jeans: Elephant Outfitters– Light Bleach L$145 (No Transfer)

Belt: Monogrind – Safelock Spiked Belt L$182  (No Transfer)

Jewelry: Head to Toe – Wristband Combo 4  L$150   (No Copy)

Shoes: Shiny Things – Flare Oxford L$300 (No Modify, No Transfer)