Now, I’m not a great lover of Neko or Steampunk or anything that comes with hairy attachments. I tend to go for the pretty shirt and pants, the fifties Chanel suit, or the the gold gown with the perfect prim detail and quality texture. But I thought I’d check out one particular store that I’d heard a lot about from various fashion acquaintances. The name? Neko Gear.


On first sight, there’s a dark and dingy interior surrounded by old brick walls and an oil-spattered concrete floor. You can almost smell the urban squalor and filth. Dingy and dark is good if it brings an air of mystery with it and the reality of the place sent a shiver up my spine. Was that a gun-shot I heard in the distance…


Neko Gear is full of both men and women’s attire. I use the term men loosely, ‘though, because the genre’s are mixed and from what I could see there was very little clothing that you could call men’s. If you like Neko you should be awash with excitement right now, as it is stocked full of accessories, lovely underwear sets, cute skirts (that are surprisingly well made with good detail and texture) and super sexy tops. All to help bring the quintessential Neko image to life.


The prices are extremely reasonable and won’t break the bank, but the lack of variety was rather disappointing.


The best part of the shopping experience for me, was the changing room and the view over New York City. Now that’s something to write home about.


I don’t think the shopping experience has swayed me, I’m a die hard glamour-puss; but I’m sure that if Neko’s your thing you will find it a worthwhile visit.

Visit Neko Gear today and get your tail in a spin!