No, I’m not Australian, but Butch Adzebills is. He’s the owner and designer of Get Butch, a store dedicated to men’s swimwear and underwear. When I think of Australia, I picture beaches, sun and the sea. That is exactly what I need at the moment, because the view out of my window is all gray, cold and rainy. I decided to buy some hot, new swimwear and go to my favorite beach in Second Life to get a virtual tan.

Get Butch 1

Get Butch offers a huge variety of speedos, swim shorts, shirts and anything else you need for your day at the beach. My choice was 4 XS sized speedos and two sexy looking swim shorts. You are really spoiled for choice at Get Butch. The speedos are available in over 50 different colors and designs for only L$ 50 each. The swim shorts come in 18 different models, purchasable at a price of L$ 75 each. And there is a lot more to discover. Get Butch is definitely worth a visit.

Get Butch 2

The following items can all be found at Get Butch:

Speedos: Butch Speedos, L$ 50, copy/no mod/no transfer

Swim Shorts: Butch Swim Shorts, L$ 75, copy/no mod/no transfer