It’s almost April now and most people are ready for Summer to arrive. I, on the other hand, still enjoy the grey skies and cooler weather. It’s the perfect time to bring out all your white, grey and black tones. I’ve always liked the combination because you can virtually throw on any of these colors and it will match.


Last week, I ran into an old friend of mine named Axl Schridde. Now, Axl is a guy who has a very strong sense of fashion. He was wearing an outfit that just epitomized the winter color scheme that I had been pondering, so I asked him if he would let me photograph him for the blog. He is wearing one of Muism’s great flexi-prim Jackets. The deep, rich leather textures and subtle metallic detailing are the perfect compliment to the soft gray cords from Shai. The creamy white, V-neck sweater is by Redgrave and features a cool stripped knit pattern. A bright scarf for a touch of color and some simple black boots help to complete the look. So don’t let the weather get you down, make the most of those last hazy days of winter fashion.

Jacket: Muism – Short Leather Jacket/Black L$500 (No Transfer)

Sweater: Redgrave – Creme Stripped L$300 (No Copy)

Scarf: Muism – Scarf Pack D L$500 (No Transfer)

Pants: Casa Del Shai – Charcoal Southern Comfort Suit L$600 (No Transfer)

Boots: Redgrave – Boots Black L$ 450 (No Copy)