I received really nice present today from Tuli Asturias! She designed an outfit and and named it after me. She gave me the folder with the items and I had to try them on immediately. This outfit really suits me and I am thrilled. Connie comes in 2 colors, brown and green. But I am addicted to green, so I have shown the green one on the photo. It is sexy, business-like but at the same time sporty. The gold detail gives it a more mature look with a stylish finishing touch. The top and belt comes in all possible layers, so very easy to combine and mix and match. Love it, going to wear Connie a lot!

Connie will be soon available at Le Zoo for 250 LD for the whole set and items will also be sold separately.

EFA - Connie (by Tuli)

 With thanks to Tillie Ariantho for taking the pics