Harriet Gausman: Hi Lissa and Simone, thanks so much for meeting with me today! I hear that you two are up to something! But more about that later.. let’s talk about you, Lissa!

Lissa: “I came into SL in May of ’07 and the first thing I did was end up in a store full of penises and vaginas, and thought ‘Wow, you can sell things here!”

Simone: “A woman after my own heart…”

Harriet: “How did you two meet?”

Lissa: “I popped into Simone’s store one day and said hi, and she said hi back.. and I said “OMG Simone’s TALKING TO ME!…”

Simone: “She was stalking me.” -.-

Lissa: “I kept handing her folders of t-shirts, and she wasn’t saying anything. Finally I said “Oh COME ON, there has to be SOMETHING you like in there!”

Simone: “Noobie t-shirts. Oh, rapture. Of course, I smiled, tried one on, and then deleted them ALL.”

Harriet Gausman: Where do you gain your inspiration?

Lissa Maertens: ” I steal from Simone.”

Simone: “She steals from me.”

Harriet Gausman: Five words to describe the brand values of Lissa Maertens?

Lissa Maertens: Nike, Coke, McDonalds, NASA, and Simone!

Simone: “… She’s all about the professional branding.” =/

Harriet Gausman: Have you collaborated with any other designers in SL?

Lissa Maertens: No, but I’ve slept with a few, does that count?


Simone: Now she shows off her REAL talent!

Harriet: Who have you slept with? (Harriet displays a shocked face here)
Lissa: Ciera Bergman, Shai, Chez Nabob, Elexor Matador, Doc Eldritch, Simone!

Simone: “Wait… you slept with Ciera BEFORE me?”

Lissa shrugs and spreads her arms to the side. “Well, I was working my way up the ladder… by the way, Harriet, what are you doing tonight?”

Harriet Gausman: OKAY… onto design… There are very few designers with quality men’s gear and it is great to see that you have broken the mold. Apart from the obvious, what are the differences between men and women’s clothing, both in design and sales terms.

Lissa: “Men have better asses.”

Simone: “AMEN, SISTER!”

Harriet Gausman: It is always interesting to find out the favourites of the favourites, so what was the last item you bought and who was the designer?

Lissa: “The last item I bought was Simone….”

Simone: “HEY now…”

Lissa: “I mean, the last item I bought was a pair of JEANS from Simone….”


Harriet Gausman: What is your stand on the rise of content theft that is pervading SL?

Lissa: “My stance is that is that first and foremost is it our responsibility as content creators to protect our own work by not releasing things full perms, period. Second off I think the Lindens bear a majority of the responsibility for protecting the work of content creators since they are indeed in control of who has access to this world and what is allowed to happen here.

Harriet Gausman: How do you deal with the more negative aspects of SL, especially the designer rivalry and underhand business tactics?

Lissa Maertens: “Simone and I decided to put our WonderTwin rings together and say “WonderTwin Powers Activate! — Form of.. a Second Life Designer… Shape of… a Second Life Content Creator…”

Simone: “She’s saying we’re a tsunami when united.” Simone then whispers to Harriet: “But if she steps outta line, I’ll feed her to the Brazilians…”

Lissa: “Just as long as I don’t have to GET a Brazilian…”

Harriet Gausman: What is the most expensive single item of clothing you’ve bought and how much was it?

Lissa: “Hair! But I’ve learned that high prices don’t always mean quality. And Simone has taught me that bald is beautiful..”

Simone mutters: “Next, I’m gonna teach you that shoe in backside is appealing too…”

Harriet Gausman: Have you ever made any fashion faux pas that you will admit to?

Lissa: ” Well there was this one dre…..” Simone quickly slaps a gloved and glittering hand over Lissa’s mouth. “We’re DIVAS.. we NEVER make fashion faux pas…”

Harriet Gausman: Name five things you really hate about SL.

Lissa purses her lips, twists one toe on the pavement, and glances up at the clouds.

Simone pops up and says: “She hates bitchy designers.” She grins toothily at Lissa.

Harriet Gausman: What projects are you undertaking at the present time?

Lissa Maertens: “Simone and I are conspiring a little. We will see what’s to come of that.” Lissa pretends to glance at her no doubt perfectly coiffed nails through the cloth of her gloves.

Harriet Gausman: OK, Una and I are both dying to know; what’s the big news…lol?

Simone: “She’s pregnant with Ciera’s baby. It will come out and immediately start farting AND designing.”

Lissa: “Do divas say ‘fart’? ”

Simone “Oh. Right. No. ‘Making airs’ then. ”

Lissa: “Simone and I are working on a line of formals, together. How that will take shape is still unfolding. I hope people will be pleased. We’re releasing items together concurrently in the Simone sim and in my store at the same time, starting March 20th.”

Simone: “Lissa is the most talented new designer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She shows tremendous promise. Stop in and see her work, prepare to be wowed, and you might find us hanging out occasionally, so be sure to say hello!”