Today , I want to show you an outfit that, I think, really shows off the creativity of SL designers. I have to thank Jewell for showing me the aC store. There were so many awesome designs, I could hardly restrain myself. This top is by far my favorite new outfit, though. It’s innovative and sexy and comes with a nicely fitted prim collar and this awesome headset. I put it together with some tight white jeans from Indigo and these laced up boots from Abyss. While I was at the Abyss sim, I decided to try on their awesome Scorpio skin and get a new hairstyle as well. I thought I needed something eye catching at the waist, so I headed to monogrind to look for a belt. This F*cked up check belt was the exactly what I needed to complete the look.


Shirt/Phone: aC Store – CheerNo DJ set L$ 250 (No Modify, No Transfer)

Pants: Indigo – White Painters Jeans L$ 225 (No Transfer)

Boots: Abyss– NAU Combat Boots L$250 (No Transfer)

Hair: Abyss – Illusion L$ 250 (No Transfer)

Belt: Monogrind– F*cked Up check Belt L$173 (No Transfer)