It is time once again for ‘Tales from the Classroom!’ In class, there was talk of what a model should do in order to prepare for an interview. How would you dress? What would you bring with you in order to prepare? Would you be ready for a casting call?

Tempest talks a little bit about how one should dress for an interview and I’ll quote:

Tempest Hennesy: When preparing for an audition or an interview with an agency, it’s good to come dressed to impress (depending on the agency and what the audition is for). Clean lines, relatively, that will show your build to some degree. Features clear. The person interviewing ought to be able to get an idea of what you look like without asking you to strip.

Tempest also had this to share:

Tempest Hennesy: “Remember that, in a way, it’s like a job interview. Anything that you could bring with you, to help sell yourself, is a bonus. Things like… your portfolio. References. A resume, believe it or not, If you’ve got all of that with you, that’s 30 less questions they need to ask and that much more impressed they will be.”

“Time is money, be prepared, show the best of yourself by simply being yourself. In the very end, it’s up to the agency, the boss, u name it, to choose the person they think will fit perfectly into their business. No one is going to baby you or hold your hand.”

Have you noticed something wonderful in this picture above? I’m sure you did, new classroom? Yes! Not long time ago, EFA got a new fabulous building with an office, a meeting room and a classroom for the models’ training sessions.