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As one of the participating designers in the ALTAMODA Magazine Launch event, Alinee Jewell, the creator of J&J Skins took some time out to tell us about her love for fashion, her work and taking part in the Launch.

Una Ewing: What three words best describe Alinee Jewell’s designs under the J&J label?
Alinee Jewell: DREAM – The one that me and my sister Evelinne have from our first steps in this world: a real human skin for our avie.
DIFFERENCE – Our skins are not better than others that you can find all over SL, they are and they’ll always be simply different from them, with all merits and all defects that a real human skin can only have on an avatar.
DESIRE – We really hope our new project could be a new opportunity to open up our view of this beloved Second Life. In our mind, this is only the beginning of a new adventure and we love not to be able to understand what it can really become of it, but we’re really curious to discover it.

UE. What is your main source of inspiration?
AJ: The real life model we work on as the first step of our work. Her features are the origin of all the work and the final result is simply to reach the goal of moving her to this side of the screen.

UE: As an Italian designer, what do you feel are the main challenges and advantages of doing fashion in SL?
AJ: Well, our work is to make skins and it’s different from making clothes, but my personal experience along with Sissy Pessoa’s made me understand that the “made in Italy” tag can easily have the same success all over the world here in SL the same way it has in RL.
I’m a model first and foremost rather than a designer, or better, I am an old model and a young designer of this world, so I’ve met the best stylists because of my work and I can say that SL is full of great fashion designers, but I’m sure that SL can reflect exactly what happens in RL. Italian fashion will always be at the first places and it will be a point of reference for all the fashion movements.

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UE: How do you want the people to feel when they wear your skins?
AJ: I’d like people to have the same feelings I’ve had the first time I wore them, a big smile and one simple word: finally! Finally I’ve found what I was looking for.

UE: What is it like to work with Sissy and dancer?
AJ: Well, first of all, Sissy is really a great friend to me, one of those persons that you hope to meet during your travels in this world, she’s always helped me in my job as a fashion model, she’s one of the most creative minds I’ve ever met, I simply love her.
I met dancer recently, due to our common interests and to the same way we see the way of working in this world. Before that, I was a lover of Stiletto Moody’s creations, now I’m really happy to work together with dancer, I hope our fresh collaboration will let us reach new goals in business and gain a true friendship out of it.

UE: How do you feel about taking part in the ALTAMODA Launch show?
AJ: I’m smiling while reading this question. It’s strange, the feeling I have, but I can only said that I’ve sent my pics to participate as model for the ALTAMODA FACE contest, as you can easily imagine I’ve not been chosen but now I’m here to answer this interview that will be on that magazine. What can I say? This is one of the reasons because I love this world… you can never imagine what the future has reserved for you. It’s a great pleasure for me, I’m really honoured, many thanks to Una Ewing and to all her staff.

UE: Alinee, thank you so much for your time and kind comments. I can’t wait until Tuesday and by the way, regarding the face of AM, the jury is still out for the verdict.

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