Hello again fashion folks, hope you all had a pleasant Easter holiday. Thinking of how it would look like if I mix-matched with as many designer clothes as possible. Oh, yes that would be fun and here is what I have collected and put together into something funky. Many of these clothes you see in the pictures are old releases, few are new ones. MUISM recently released the “Cindy” hair, which I am wearing in black shine colour. Sweet earphones are from Canimal and so is the skirt. Socks are from the well-known designer LeeZuBaxter, which are nice to wear when the weather is still cold. The shirt comes in 3 parts – which means you can either walk with your stomach showing, hide it or take the striped sleeves on arms off – and is a design by Kya Eliot from *Hexed* Alt. To make your look a little sexier, high-heeled sandals, designed by Infiniti Miriki from Mary Jane shoes, give the look a final twist.


Outfit in pictures:

Skin: MM skin – tan/holiday

Hair: *Muism* – Cindy shine black

Nail: RaC – Manicure 11

Eyelashes: MMS – Thoralashes

Shirt: *Hexed*Alt – Classic T plain (black)

Skirt: Canimal – Black lace skirt

Socks: LBD – PunkStockings red stripes

Shoes: *IM* – “Promisuous” black

Earphones: Canimal – blingphones (pink)

Collar – *Hexed*Alt – Leather Bucklet collar