Demi Moore would like that outfit on Ashton. I instantly fell in love when I saw it at GothiCatz the other day. Adian Brouwer first introduced me to the store four weeks ago. He chose an GothiCatz outfit for the post I wrote about him. And you know what? You won’t get punk-ed making the same choice I did.

It’s GothiCatz again…

I really love the textures of the Punk’d Outfit from GothiCatz. They are quite unusual and colorful. Not much more you need to get a look not everybody has. I just added a belt from Rocker’s Wear and a choker from The Abyss. The boots are the ones of Sebastiaan’s last post. Yes, he got me inspired! The hair I also found shopping at The Abyss. It comes in various colors and complements the outfit perfectly.


Hair: The Abyss – Illusion/Full Moon, L$ 250, copy/mod/no transfer

Choker: The Abyss – Choker Studded, L$ 150, copy/mod/no transfer

Outfit: GothiCatz – Punk’d-man, L$ 250, copy/mod/no transfer

Belt: Rocker’s Wear – punk belt, L$ 70, copy/mod/no transfer

Shoes: The Abyss – NAU Combat Boots, L$ 250, copy/mod/no transfer