Sissy Pessoa

Sissy Pessoa, the stylish designer of Italian super brand BAIASTICE, after being a sponsor in ALTAMODA magazine’s launch took some time to answer questions about her incredible work and genuine passion for fashion.

Una Ewing: What three words best describe Sissy Pessoa’s designs under the BAIASTICE label?

Sissy Pessoa: Romantic, hot, rich.

UE: What is your main source of inspiration?

SP: Everything around me can be a reason for inspiration. The period in which I am working and what it contributes to my creations is very important. For example, in my last collection there are references to the fantasy of Roman baroque parties through a futuristic point of view, all seen in a logic of ostentation, style and luxury.

UE: As an Italian designer, how do you position yourself?

SP: In Italy at this moment, there are several young designers of undisputable talent. My designs are easily recognizable among the others. Due to this reason, I think that I can be considered an integral part of the Italian design.

UE: How do you want the people to feel when they wear BAIASTICE?

SP: I hope they feel satisfied, because my creations are my way to see people’s dreams and let them become true. Recognizing themselves in my style, I hope people enjoy this feeling of ostentation.

UE: What three words describe your new collection?

SP: Groovy, fancy, spirited.