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Stiletto Moody is an incredibly talented and probably the leading designer of shoes in Second Life. Her innovative and sexy creations graced the feet of the models in the ALTAMODA magazine launch fashion show, as she was one of the main sponsors of the evening. With that chance, she answered a few interesting questions.

Una Ewing: What three words best describe Stiletto Moody’s designs for Stiletto Moody Shoes?
Stiletto Moody: Grace, quality, juxtaposition (juxta).

UE: What is your main source of inspiration?
SM: The power of a woman in heels, real life designs of shoes and clothes and sculptures. A healthy, naughty imagination and a splash of danger.

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UE: As a US-based designer, what do you feel are the main challenges and advantages of doing fashion in SL and reaching a European or non-US audience?
SM: For us, the transition is easy and natural. Second Life speaks the language of visual design, so if the product is right and you do your job well, there should be little demand for complex customer service. In our case, we find little need for user instructions and make everything as intuitive as possible. But many brands have challenges in crossing over into other markets such as Japan and non-English speaking Europe. We design for a fashion progressive audience which is international by its definition, but it is important to recognize that tastes outside the USA differ and at times can do so quite significantly

UE: How do you want people to feel when they wear your shoes?
SM: The juxta – both empowered and vulnerable. In control yet potentially submissive. Elegant and graceful. Rock ‘n roll and classical.

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UE: What is it like to work with Sissy?
SM: Sissy represents an important group of new designers, focusing on quality and professionalism, but most importantly she is a delight… A true professional and like us at Stiletto Moody, she seems to be having fun doing it. Hey, it’s the juxta again! Work and fun? Who would have believed!

UE: How do you feel about taking part in the ALTAMODA launch show?
SM: Shoe was worth doing and we expect to do more shows with ALTAMODA. It seemed to be a cut above the others we have seen and it achieved some significant marketing milestones that we think can be useful to a brand.

And of course,
Impossibly high heels – Impossibly hip heels.
XOX Stiletto Moody XOX

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