After sessions on how to quickly change, rebake textures and go in appearance mode while at show to avoid looking like Ruth or having some items missing on your body, we started with practice in walking and posing on the runway. Questions aroused among students: Can we use static poses? Shall we always return to default pose after a pose? Well, static poses – they belong to the photo studio! Choose a pose you would like to return to after another pose and it is what we call default pose. You can have 2 default poses, depending on your experience and how the transition happens – should preferably look smooth from one transition to another.

Tempest Hennesy, our top model: If you happen to be on a runway and lag is bad and you stumble off – what do you think you could do in a situation like this? Do not assume you can walk, jump or climb back – looks extremely sloppy and unprofessional.

Answers from students: “Tp to the backstage,” “Get depressed and go home,” “Tp home, and then Tp back,” “Walk confidently to the backstage area.”

Opportunities are many, but the best a model can do is to walk confidently to the backstage area and always with poise and grace – whatever, own it.

You can not be a runway model in one day as Rome wasn’t built in a day – so practice, practice and practice makes you a good runway model. Go and watch fashion shows with your own eyes, learn from other models and get inspired.

Students from the Class of March 2008 will be having their graduation show on Tuesday, 1st April 2008 at 1pm SLT.

Landmark for this show is: EFA Graduation Show – Class of March 2008

You are all welcome 🙂