April 2008

When talking about rasta, rastafarians, Jamaica, tricolours we connect them very often to Bob Marley, the famous reggae artist born in Jamaica as Robert Nesta Marley. He died very young  of cancer, and in his short life, he became a legend: a reggae star, a devout Rastafarian, a humble and gentle man whose music across nearly two decades and yet still remains timeless.

When it comes to fashion, I am sure you have seen or noticed, that tricolor armband, BM t-shirt or rastahair are still very “in” and in Second Life you will have lot of opportunity to mix and match your own rastafari style in many ways since there are many places where to get rasta stuff. This what I am presenting, is just one style of many. Do not hestitate to visit Irie Vibes, Soreal or just type “reggae” in search for places, then there comes out a long list of places related to reggae, rastafari or Bob Marley. The are also a homepage worth looking at : Bob Marley – the official site of BM.

What I wore on picture above:

Skin: Sos Children Charity-tribal3 from MMS (this skin is no longer available at MMS but they have similar in same skintones)

Hair: Original Rasta bun V2 from SOREAL

Shirt: Move on rasta shirt ( part of set) from :Bijou:

Skirt: A001 Jean skirt/grey from Armidi Limited

Sock: Calzinitulle socks from biancaF.

Bag: Porta Corsico black from ArmidiGisaci

Shoes:Primrose shoes B/black from *GF*

Earrings: Rasta Africa from Irie Vibes

Necklace: 80´s Pop Flexi Neclace from Cake


ALTAMODA Magazine, the recent launched high fashion and lifestyle magazine is hiring and looking to fill the following positions:

  • Writers and Journalists
  • Photographers & Graphics Artists
  • Content Creators (Fashion Designers, Animators, Texturers, Builders)
  • Business Managers
  • Editors
  • PR & Promotions (Sales, Markeing & Account Managers)
  • Event Planners
  • Web Developers
  • Page-makers
  • Models & Stylists
  • Psyhic (Horoscopes/Astrology) – I am serious!

For all positions, you will have to be fluent in english and qualified for the position for which you are applying with previous experience ideally. You will be professional, team-spirited and a self starter who can work independently as required. You will be driven by a passion for the role and working in a dynamic and creative team, rather than the cash. You will be punctional, well schooled in customer services practises, a great communicator and RELIABLE.
Photographers, graphics artists and page makers will require knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or similar.
Salaried Staff wages are dependent on experience and start from L$1000 to L$4000 per week dependent on role, experience and value, although reviews are held regularly. Contract rates start from L$250 to L$1000 per job based on experience and the job in-hand. You will be joining and amazing and international group of people passionate about achieveing the best and working together with a shared goal to do it.

About ALTAMODA Magazine
ALTAMODA is a monthly on-line fashion and lifestyle magazine covering all aspects of life- including, fashion, style, lifestyle, events, luxury living, events, the arts, health, finance, business, culture and languages. As an internet based publication, ALTAMODA offers excellent opportunities for advertisers.

Visit the ALTAMODA

About the Ewing Fashion Agency
The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is full service fashion and promotions agency operating in Second Life™ and specialised in promoting virtual and real-life brands, including the coordination of complex events fashion and promotion events run in Second Life™ and real-life simultaneously. We are an international work force with over ten langauges – including Polish, Korean, French, Dutch, German, Italian, and English. We have solid methodology that ensures our clients get the service the need and the value they deserve.

Apply Now


Advertising is promotion is a key part of your career and business and the way you portray yourself, your services – your brand is key. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to win a free ad-board and have the Ewing Fashion Agency help you express yourself in the way you need to without the hassle of the cost. We will be opening a pool to accept submissions in the form of clothes to be featured in ALTAMODA Magazine. Each Month, we will select our favourite submissions and shoot an ad-board for it. its that simple.

Interested parties must follow these very simple rules.

1. Create a Folder called AMM AD-BOARD DD-MM-YY.

2. Create a subfolder called Promotional Material in which we request you add:

i) A note card about your brand and business (include a blog link if you have one). Please do not embed anything else in the note card.

ii) One landmark to your main store;

iii) A picture of your self and a logo (all of which must be full perms).

3. Create a another sub-folder called Submission in which we request you add the item to be showcased. Please do not box these – the folder when opened should show the contents. The contents must  be transferable.

4. Send the folder to Elise Alsop.

Please note the owners of items we aimj to showcase will be notified. Others will not – however we may consider using some items for blog and copy reviews.

Yay! We are pleased and proud to announce the release of ALTAMODA Magazine, issue two. Rather then bore you with all the details of fantastic content, why don’t you check it out on ALTAMODA Magazine.com


We are pleased and proud to announce the following promotions and new hires.

Recently Promoted

Connie Molinaro : Director of Sales & Marketing
Sienna Fredriksson : Head of Creative (Writing)
Indya Korobase : Executive Assistant
Tempest Hennesy: Top Model – Level 2 & Director of Education (USA)
Rena Mascot : Top Model – Level 2 & Associate for Education (Asia)
Aleida Rhode: Titled Model – Level 1 & Associate for Education (EMEA)
Bobie Woodget : Top Model level 1 & Events
Jocelyn Anatine : Head of Creative (Graphics)

Junior Model Contract
Willemina Meriman : Junior Model Trainee
Kayella Kurrajong : Junior Model Trainee
Tiffany Dragonash : Junior Model Trainee
Eppany Palisades : Junior Model Trainee
Naori Hirano : Junior Model Trainee 

New Hires
Darcy Earnshaw – PR & Promotions Associate
Xena Faulds – PR & Promotions Associate
Mandi Silverspar – Associate Graphics
Monkicat Giha – Fashion Writer
Decoy Nagy – Fashion Writer
Gemini Galatea – Associate for Education (EMEA)

All named staff will be starting their new contracts as of the 1st of May 2008. The Ewing Fashion Agency would like to congratulate and welcome you all.

It is not often I am moved, but I came across this on VBM and simply had to share. You simply have to see it. It is amazing. Enjoy!


Product Review – Adam n Eve’s Sakura Gold and Flora Black

The beauty of Flora by Adam n Eve, is that it can be worn as a sumptuous ballroom gown or sexy cocktail dress. With 3 different gown tops to choose from, one with pretty lace trail sleeves, a sleeveless version and a full sleeve, you are spoilt for choice. There is no reason why you shouldn’t go to the ball. Rex Butler is waiting my dear.

A mass of sumptuous silk flowing gracefully down to a delicate patterned hem. The bodice exudes a certain coy sex appeal that is set to drive the men wild. The graceful move of the skirt reminds me of a certain Southern lady who broke her heart over that married rogue of a man, Rex Butler. Of course you can always wear the veil as a reminder of all the broken hearted people. Of which you most definitely are not. So, as I said before dear, you shall go to the ball and stuff that heartless man – there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Included are: 3 different Tops (sleeves) (Top and Jacket), Pants Layer, Skirt, 4 Different Prim Skirts, including a short option, and a Veil.

This darling gown is available in 8 colours, Black, White, Red, Cream, Teal, Pink, Berry and Blue. There is an additional dark Blue/Purple as a bonus in the Brat Pack.


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