This weeks post is about an outfit I once saw on another style blog. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one it was. Since then. it has been one of my favorite things to wear and definitely worth to be shared with you. Last week, I decided to put it on and went dancing in one of my favorite clubs. And what can I say… I was instantly “bombed” with IMs asking me where I got this jacket from.

In Da Club II

The :sey Parka is nicely textured and comes with many detailed prim attachments. It is available in 6 colors. Although this parka has a very expensive look it sells, for only 350 Lindens. The black leather pants from El Trebol together with the black Engineer Boots from [0N] complement this outfit and makes you attract a great deal of attention. Oh and Ladies, I almost forgot… there’s a female version of this parka available too!

Jacket: :sey Parka-tidori-for-men, L$ 350, modify/copy/no transfer

Pants: **el trebol** ESCURO Leather Pants, L$ 120, modify/copy/no transfer

Shoes: [0N] Engineer Boots Black, L$ 400, modify/copy/no transfer