When I joined SL nearly a year ago, I coincidently landed on Tableau where Paper Couture have their shop and I admired the designs and creativity. Being my curious self, I researched through the designer’s profile and found out that Paper Couture consists of a group of the very talented Lu sisters. They have since then been my absolute favorite designers. By the way, Paper Couture and its designs remind me very much of the real life British designer John Galliano both ín colour and style.

I have been waiting for a very long time for the Lu sisters to release their next collection. I kept my eyes open all the time and finally they announced their Spring 2008 collection. YAY! I was quick enough to go to Tableu as soon as I logged in and I don’t know what happened to me – I have to admit it : I’m a Paper Couture shopaholic! Yes, I think I bought the whole collection – well, no, but nearly 🙂

For today’s post, I have only picked 2 sets of their entire collection, “Divinchy” and “Rosette,” so stay tuned, because next week I will be bringing 2 other sets from my PC to you!

What I see in “Divinchy”: The big hat makes you feel like a Diva whatever you’re wearing. The design and details are awesome. Prims are sculpted well, depending on your avatars body, you may adjust them a little to make them fit better. The style reminds me of “The three musketeers” from the 16th century. There is something interesting about the black bag – as soon you are wear it, a message pops up asking: “Would you like to animate your avatar?” By saying yes, the bag moves smoothly along with your movement and for photo shoots, where you have to be on a posestand or have your hud on, I recommend hitting “no”, else you will look funny with the bag while posing.


Outfit: “Divinchi” set from Paper Couture

Skin: Noxious_SP(3)c from Abys

Hair: “Spring in Paris” – blonde from Paper Couture

Shoes: Verve pumps – black from Maitreya


Bag: The Farfelu – noir from Paper Couture

Jewelry: Chinese Lanterne from Paper Couture

Hat: Part of “Divinchi” from Paper Couture

What I see in “Rosette”: Very romantic, flowerish and fresh. The flowers designed with sculpties have awesome details, I almost thought they were real real. Since the dress is open from neck to breast, I found a sweet set of jewelry in white pearl to give a finishing touch. Skirt details: It’s longer behind and shorter in front – ideal for showing off your beautiful, slim legs.


Dress: “Rosette” from Paper Couture

Skin: Ida smokey #3 from RaC

Hair: “Spring in Paris” from Paper Couture

Shoes: Verve Pumps – lavender blush from Maitreya


Jewelry: Regal pearl set from Paper Couture

Background picture: Internet source