We have been requested to make a review of Anubis Style designed by Anubis Hartunian. Here we are, Kenny and I, we went together to her shop – in RL, we would have picked more than one set and would have tried them out in dressing rooms, but unfortunately it isn’t like that in SL.

One thing we both agreed on was that the designs and creations were very nice. Since Kenny immediately fell in love with the “Manhattan” suit, I wanted to pick something for me that suited his style and went for “Black Swan,” which is a nice black dress for ballroom occasions. And for the male part, I have to admit, that he is so hot in that suit, so I need to ask: Kenny, wow, you look amazing, could you tell me a little about how you manage to look this good?

Thank you Aleida. Yes, we really look hot in these outfits. It’s the high quality that makes it so special. I feel very comfortable wearing this suit. I love the mix of casual and formal appearance. That also makes it a versatile look you can wear for almost any occasion. Anubis Style is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.



Dress: “Black Swan” from Anubis Style

Skin: Jadzia Noxious – SR(1)D from Abys

Hair: Berlin – pecan from Cake

Shoes: “XIN” – black from ~*ZHAO*~

Pedicure: #6 from RaC

Necklace: Part of “FaNtasy white dress” from Son!a


Suit: “Manhattan” from Anubis Style

Skin:Antonia tan – H11Rugged from FKNY!

Hair: James – black from *TRUTH*

Earings: Nebula Guage earrings from MMis fit Designs

Shoes: Jeepers Creepers – Carl Perkins White Suede from Jeepers Creepers