Harriet Gausman: Well, Fabienne, tell us a little about yourself and your life before you stepped into this gorgeous 3D world.

Fabienne Larsson: Well … I don’t really know what to answer at that question. I hadn’ t played any other computer games before. But I was in several chats. And I read a lot.

Harriet Gausman: What made you take the plunge into SL and create Fabienne?

Fabienne Larsson: I read in a magazine about this virtual 3D world and how it was described, I couldn’t imagine that this was all possible. So I joined to find out.

Harriet Gausman: How closely is she based on the real you?

Fabienne Larsson: I think Fabienne is a completely different person, above all refers to her appearance, her wardrobe and her hobbies. But her thinking of course is similar and she has the same opinions as me. And she’s also a similar age.

Harriet Gausman: Several designers I have interviewed have given up their real life jobs to follow the dream here in SL. Is that the case with you, or is this purely a hobby?

Fabienne Larsson: It is and will remain hobby. I love to be creative here, because I cannot do it in real life. But I wouldn’t give up my real life job. Who could give me the gurantee, that sl will still exist in one year? Mostly I do this because of the fun. What I earn is more a kind of pocket money. Furthermore I wouldn’t have so many ideas for new fashion if I were forced to design something new.

Harriet Gausman: How long were you inworld before you began your business? Did you have any transferable real life design skills?

Fabienne Larsson: I started to create my first outfits at July last year, my avatar was born 4 months before. The first outfits I sold in a tattoo shop of a friend. I believe in October last year I had my first shop. I didn’t have any taught design skills. I tried to understand the program and I was glad about any new knowledge in the use of it. But, I don’t know if i would notice something at the cuts or the colors in my fashion design.

Harriet Gausman: Who do you make your clothes for?

Fabienne Larsson: Oh that’s different. My first customers were dancers and escorts. I designed clothes which are really short and which consist of at least three parts (top, pants or skirt, thong or underpants) which you can take off separately.

My last outfits are more casual, but I design anything what’s come to my mind. So I also have beachwear, neko clothes, fashion in hip hop style, Dresses and tattoos. Most of my outfits are for women, but I also want to expand my collection for men.

Harriet Gausman: Your clothes tend to sway toward the risqué end of the market. What made you choose to make ‘naughty wear’ as opposed to a more sophisticated range of clothing?

Fabienne Larsson: I’ve not really thought about it. Perhaps it’s because I really like them but would not be brave enough to wear them in real life. I love this style of clothing; hides the esential parts but shows enough skin.

Harriet Gausman: Which is your favourite piece of clothing from your own collection? Why?

Fabienne Larsson: That changes always. Mostly it’s one of my newest outfits. At the moment i love to wear *FAB design* rose, because this mini dress is sexy and short as well as elegant. The cute little flowers and the scarf give the outfit a special charm.

Harriet Gausman: Do you have any particular formula that you follow during your design process?

Fabienne Larsson: There is only one central theme in my clothes: It all shall look really sexy and with not too much cloth. And I try to get it realistic.

i jump between all styles. So almost everybody should find something in my stores.

Harriet Gausman: What do you like to do in your spare time in SL?

Fabienne Larsson: I love it to talk with my friends in voice, to go dancing, to sit at a romantic place with a friend or to do some activities like skydiving or go-cart.

Harriet Gausman: Have you made any fashion faux pas that you are willing to admit to? What were they?

Fabienne Larsson: Oh I’m sure I’ve done enough. Some problems at the beginning were, that I forgot to hide the working layers. Other faux pas I try to crowd out.

Harriet Gausman: For all the men out there, who might be too shy to ask, are you spoken for? If so, who is the lucky guy? For the girls out there, where’d you meet him? (Harriet raises eyebrows, perks up ears and listens intently)

Fabienne Larsson: *laughs* … At the moment I’m still single. But there’s a guy i love to talk to and maybe … we’ll see! I met him about 3 months ago at a lonely beach. He was sitting relaxed at a sunbed and spoke to me.

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