Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Was drinking a wake-up coffee this morning with Aphrodite Outlander. Incredible she can still look that good after the big opening party of her new store last night! Sounds like I missed a really good party.. lot of nice people, champagne, a stripping Don and good dance music!

But in return, I received a nice private tour around her brand new shop. It is a very spacious place, comfortable warm and filled with…. red sticks, would you believe!

From 12 – 20 April the Red Stick International Animation Festival  is taking place.  You  will have this whole week to find the red sticks with gifts across the whole grid. More than 50 designers are joining this event.In the pic you see the shoes I found in the red sticks at AC. Do you need a better excuse to take a look at Aphrodite’s Creations new store?


 Information about the 2008 Red Stick International Animation Festival:

The festival has its roots firmly planted in the creative side of the animation business and acts to provide animators, directors, students, artists, designers, writers and educators with a forum in which they can share their knowledge and skills and promote the art of animation. The 2008 festival will be April 16-19, 2008, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Festival venues include the Shaw Center for the Arts, the Manship Theatre, the Louisiana Arts & Science Museum, and the Louisiana Old State Capital.

Kenny and I went to check out the new releases at Redgrave this week and, I must say, there is some really wonderful stuff this time. My absolute favorite was this sequined clubbing shirt; a simple, long-sleeved, black shirt with exquisite details on the lapels and cuffs. I bought these dark grey satin pants to go with it because the shading looked so realistic. I just love how the fabric seems to bunch up around the ankles. (more…)