Product Review

Flirt Interactions – Wearable Art

The new Interactions range of jewellery by Skinkie Winkler was inspired by a kinetic structure Skinkie built, named “Interactions::Coming Full Circle”, and primwork seen in the SeaCliff region of Second Life. Skinkie describes the range as “art, because it has meaning. Its creation changed something inside my soul and expresses a part of me. This jewellery captures a moment in time, a snapshot of an individual’s interactions, their relationships at a point when they are perfectly balanced, symmetrical. At that moment there is perfection, calmness, bliss. Moments later, the balance has gone, but it’s not forgotten. It will return, eventually, but it will never last long and it will never be exactly the same.”

Silver and white metal is incredibly versatile. You can wear it with almost every piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

The Interactions bracelet is delicate yet substantial and doesn’t get lost on your arm like some. It can be seen clearly from a distance so you can dazzle your prospective love interest and perhaps hypnotise him into chatting with you.

The design consists of an intricate spider/butterfly-like central pattern surrounded by a succession of circular strands that seem to give the design a certain movement in the minds-eye.

The earrings match perfectly and are wonderful miniatures of the bracelet. There is also a ring and necklace in the set that have equal charm. An added feature is that Skinkie offers several different ring sizes so you can be sure you have the correct size for you.

In addition Skinkie has also brought out several other similar designs. Simple Interactions which consist of earrings and necklace; and Additions to Interactions range which consist of a silver/nickle/diamond bangle, choker and oval ring. I had a lot of trouble trying to resize the ring but you may have more luck. I’m sure Skinkie would assist you if need be.

To get any of these listed designs visit Flirt and see if anything catches your eye. Skinkie is a relatively new designer so you will not find a huge amount of choice, but what she does offer is quality and originality.