I’m sure you all remember the amazing EFA First Fusion Show. A great example of how to connect SL™ Fashion with real life. Today I want to show you an outfit that I actually saw in a real life magazine. It looked awesome and I so wanted to have it for my avatar. That’s how I got the idea of trying to assort an outfit in world as close as possible to the real life one.

I started with the Vintage Leather Jacket from Argrace. There at Argrace I also found a hat almost looking like the one in the magazine. Now I needed a scarf and I remembered a Jacket I once bought at Back and Forth. It came with a scarf very close to the original. The next item required were black dress pants. I found very nice ones at Valiant. Last but not least the shoes. They had to match the jacket’s color. Redgrave had exactly what I wanted to complete this very stylish and unique looking outfit.

Now it’s your turn. Find your favorite real life outfit and try to assemble it in Second Life®. And if you want to you can show me the result. I would love to see the virtual version of your favorite real life outfit. Don’t hesitate to make a snapshot and send it to me.

Hat: Argrace – Belt Casket with Hair, L$ 250, no copy/mod/transfer

Scarf: Back and Forth – Pea Coat (scarf is included), L$ 98, copy/mod/no trans

Jacket: Argrace – Vintage Leather Jacket, L$ 300, no copy/mod/transfer

Pants: Valiant – Black Executive Pants, L$ 225, no copy/mod/transfer

Shoes: Redgrave – Casual Loafer / dark brown, L$ 450, no copy/mod/trasfer