Harriet Gausman: For those who do not know, how long have you been in SL and when did your business begin?

AvaGardner: I’m in SL since last year, in june. It wasn’t my first idea having business in world, but after some fun and all that stuff, i started business in october 2007.

Harriet Gausman: How much is AvaGardner like the real you?

AvaGardner: the passion for fashion is the same, and i think, although everything is possible in SL, you cannot keep away from real life.

Harriet Gausman: Where do you gain your inspiration?

AvaGardner: Since i’m a designer in RL too, i always keep in thought how sexy women like to dress, without being vulgar. And it just comes, watching a movie or listening a song…

Harriet Gausman: Five words to describe the brand values of AvaGardner Kungler?

AvaGardner: that would be Respect, kindness, passion, freedom and honesty

Harriet Gausman: Have you collaborated with any other designers in SL?

AvaGardner: I own Kunglers in partnership with my sister, Barbra, who is a designer as well. And had made some designs for friends at the beginning. But after all, i only have time for my own designs.

Harriet Gausman: Do you have a favourite of your own designs?

AvaGardner: Yes of course, lol…it has to be a cocktail dress named Kylie, available in 4 colors.

Harriet Gausman: There are very few designers with quality men’s gear and it is great to see that you are doing your bit. Apart from the obvious, what are the differences between men and women’s clothing, both in design and sales terms.

AvaGardner: the word “sexy”, to me, makes the difference beetwen. As i always have this in mind, i hardly can imagine that associated to mens wear without being obvious. About sales everybody knows that guys don’t spend much in fashion, but this is changing, as in RL.

Harriet Gausman: It is always interesting to find out the favourites of the favourites, so what was the last item you bought and who was the designer?

AvaGardner: there are lots of things…lol…but since i love shoes, It has to be the amazing boots from Redgrave, love it!!

Harriet Gausman: What is your stand on the rise of content theft that is pervading SL?

AvaGardner: Its really hard seeing your work sold as 10 linden itens around, when not worst. It happened to me already, but i think Linden Labs is making some efforts to prevent that. At least i hope so !!!

Harriet Gausman: What is the most expensive single item of clothing you’ve bought and how much was it?

AvaGardner: It was a pair of shoes, which after all, didn’t fit as i thought they would. $L 875

Harriet Gausman: Name five things you really hate about SL.

AvaGardner: Texture thieves, full perms , lag , poor mind residents and dishonesty …lol… isn’t it just like in real life??

Harriet Gausman: What projects are you undertaking at the present time?

AvaGardner: I really am working on Kunglers now, and all further projects will be about growing and making the label successful.

Harriet Gausman: Finally, who are you dating? Just in case there is some young hunk dying to ask you out? Harriet smiles.

AvaGardner: Lol…unfortunately i’m married with work by now, but who knows? lol

Kunglers; assured elegance