Of all the guys I know, Malden DeCuir is one of the coolest. His style is daring, edgy and always warrants a second glance. I saw him out dancing last weekend, wearing these boots that just made my jaw drop. He told me he got them at SF designs, which didn’t surprise me at all. They always have such great stuff. Who would have dreamed that a guy wearing knee high, fuzzy boots could look so tough?


Maybe it’s all those sexy tattoos that make him look so rough and rugged or maybe it’s those ultra cool sunglasses from Primoptics. I really like the way these leather pants from Muism pick up the silver and gray tones in the striped scarf and how he has added leather arm straps and cuffs to accent the outfit. It’s a great outfit for the clubs and is sure to get you noticed.

Pants: *Muism*  Leather Trouser /Dark Gray  L$298 (No Transfer)

Boots: sf designs  yeti black L$200 (No Copy)

Scarf: Kalico kreations   Stripey scarf  L$180 (No Copy)

Cuffs: FNKY! Ring Cuffs Black $L250 (No Transfer)

Arm Straps: SiniStyle Osiris Arm Straps $L175

Tattoos:  TATTOO corner –  Upper Body XV  L$250 (No Transfer)

Hair:  <TheAbyss> Hair – Illusion – Full Moon L$250 (No Transfer)

::AD::  Neko Ears Black L$150 (No Modify, No Transfer)

::AD::  Neko Tail Black $150 (No Modify, No Transfer)