On the road placing ALTAMODA vendors I met RahzinhAa Pera. A very energetic, enthusiastic Brazilian girl and proud owner of the Rahz Store. She was just placing her new spring collection and she showed us around. Her collection is very diverse, from sunny tunics to more formal gowns. We ended up with a lovely present from RahzinhAa, a denim-outfit, the Jeans Coverall. Very suitable for these hardworking girls. But also perfect to create an urban look, chill out after a day at the beach or I can even see this outfit with high heels for a more chick-chic look.

Aleida Rhode and Connie Molinaro are wearing the Jeans Coverall from the Rahz Store

Go and take a look in her store to see what more she has to offer and make yourself comfortable, take a seat and read the ALTAMODA magazine.

Also want an ALTAMODA vendor at your place? Simply buy it at On-Rezz (for free) or contact Connie Molinaro, Xena Faulds or Darcy Earnshaw to receive one.