Harriet Gausman: When did you first start designing in SL?

Moketti Broome: I’ve been in world for a long time. I’ve seen many interestings things…and possibilities……as well…… Three weeks ago I tried to make some creative”a la mode” things……and Glasses & Sunglasses caught my attention. At first I had some problems with rendering distance of sculptie prims, because from a long distance sculptie prims have shape distortion. But after I fixed the problems with new generations sculptie….made by me.

Harriet Gausman: Did you have any RL design skills or did you learn inworld?

Moketti Broome: I ‘ve learned in world! Well…when I started trip among this wonderful world I understood soon..that some businesses were possible…..and so I started with clothes…before and buildings after….and now I ‘ve found what I was looking for…fashion accessories!

Harriet Gausman: What or who do you consider your inspiration for your designs?

Moketti Broome: Well….I was born almost one year ago and I was not alone. A few days after my great friend followed me – Naima Broome smart clothes designer. He sent me first the impulse to create something….and from there I ‘ve never stopped.

Harriet Gausman: How would you describe your collection?

Moketti Broome: My Glasses can be classified among mosts new trends of fashion……… something funny…..precious……..unique!

Harriet Gausman: Who do you think buys your items?

Moketti Broome: Everybody wants to follow fashion!
I think..Mokoptica Glasses & Sunglasses coud be for people who want to distinguish themselves from others………….i’ve seen many glasses and I wasn’t satisfied. For this reason I designed something unique and different.

Harriet Gausman: Where do you see yourself headed in terms of business and design?

Moketti Broome: well…..High Fashion; could be the target of my works……..

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