Some of you already know that this will be my last post here on the blog. There are various reasons for my decision not to continue my weekly style post. The most important is that real life is too demanding at the moment. I don’t have enough time anymore for my obligations on here. That is why I need to take a break from Second Life®. Hopefully I will be able to return soon.

My last post is once more about connecting SL™ Fashion with real life. I tried to assemble an outfit made of clothes that I also have in my real life wardrobe.

Starting with a black Jacket from Redgrave I chose to wear a white shirt from Truth underneath. The pink jeans from Armidi are the eye-catcher in this outfit. Together with the black AllStar Shoes from AC Studios it gives you a look straight from the real life fashion weeks.

So this is it. This was my very last post here on the EFA Blog. I hope you enjoyed the time with me. Thank you to all the readers. I had a great time with you. Hope to see you soon.

Jacket: Redgrave – Jacket with Turtleneck/black, L$ 450, no copy/mod/transfer

Shirt: TRUTH – Day Trader Shirt/Pearl, L$ 125, no copy/mod/transfer

Pants: Armidi – Modern Pants/Pink, L$ 175, copy/mod/no trans

Shoes: a.c Store – AllStar Black Stars, L$ 50, copy/no mod/no trans