Product Review – Adam n Eve’s Sakura Gold and Flora Black

The beauty of Flora by Adam n Eve, is that it can be worn as a sumptuous ballroom gown or sexy cocktail dress. With 3 different gown tops to choose from, one with pretty lace trail sleeves, a sleeveless version and a full sleeve, you are spoilt for choice. There is no reason why you shouldn’t go to the ball. Rex Butler is waiting my dear.

A mass of sumptuous silk flowing gracefully down to a delicate patterned hem. The bodice exudes a certain coy sex appeal that is set to drive the men wild. The graceful move of the skirt reminds me of a certain Southern lady who broke her heart over that married rogue of a man, Rex Butler. Of course you can always wear the veil as a reminder of all the broken hearted people. Of which you most definitely are not. So, as I said before dear, you shall go to the ball and stuff that heartless man – there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Included are: 3 different Tops (sleeves) (Top and Jacket), Pants Layer, Skirt, 4 Different Prim Skirts, including a short option, and a Veil.

This darling gown is available in 8 colours, Black, White, Red, Cream, Teal, Pink, Berry and Blue. There is an additional dark Blue/Purple as a bonus in the Brat Pack.