Product Review – Adam n Eve’s Sakura Gold and Flora Black

The beauty of Flora by Adam n Eve, is that it can be worn as a sumptuous ballroom gown or sexy cocktail dress. With 3 different gown tops to choose from, one with pretty lace trail sleeves, a sleeveless version and a full sleeve, you are spoilt for choice. There is no reason why you shouldn’t go to the ball. Rex Butler is waiting my dear.

A mass of sumptuous silk flowing gracefully down to a delicate patterned hem. The bodice exudes a certain coy sex appeal that is set to drive the men wild. The graceful move of the skirt reminds me of a certain Southern lady who broke her heart over that married rogue of a man, Rex Butler. Of course you can always wear the veil as a reminder of all the broken hearted people. Of which you most definitely are not. So, as I said before dear, you shall go to the ball and stuff that heartless man – there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Included are: 3 different Tops (sleeves) (Top and Jacket), Pants Layer, Skirt, 4 Different Prim Skirts, including a short option, and a Veil.

This darling gown is available in 8 colours, Black, White, Red, Cream, Teal, Pink, Berry and Blue. There is an additional dark Blue/Purple as a bonus in the Brat Pack.

Sakura has to be one of the most delicious dresses I have seen. I am pictured in the stunning molton gold, it is also available in Silver, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Black and Purple. Again, it has a certain movie-star feel to it. Grace Kelly could quite easily have partied in Monte Carlo in one of these gowns.

Includes: Dress Top (shirt and jacket layers), Lace Shrug (shirt, undershirt and jacket layers) 3 Pants and underpants layers, lace panty, short and long glitch pants, system skirt, 4 Prims skirts, Grande, Full, Slim, Short, Gloves.

Texturally, the gown has a delicate pattern running through the fabric, giving it a regal quality. The skirts effortlessly cascade to the ground and shimmer with every movement that is made. Every twist of your body every little gust of wind allows the dress to take life and mold itself to you as if you were one and the same.

What I particularly like is the fact that you can wear the dress in so many ways. With several skirt and top options it is quite easy to find a combination that you will feel comfortable in. It also affords you the opportunity to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe.

The fur stole adds another touch of richness to an already sumptuous gown.

Gowns are both 1000L, fat packs 5000L. Flora Fatpack includes one extra colour (9 colours).

All gowns are mod, copy no transfer.

They are both available from today 6 April 08.