Monday, April 28th, 2008

Yay! We are pleased and proud to announce the release of ALTAMODA Magazine, issue two. Rather then bore you with all the details of fantastic content, why don’t you check it out on ALTAMODA


We are pleased and proud to announce the following promotions and new hires.

Recently Promoted

Connie Molinaro : Director of Sales & Marketing
Sienna Fredriksson : Head of Creative (Writing)
Indya Korobase : Executive Assistant
Tempest Hennesy: Top Model – Level 2 & Director of Education (USA)
Rena Mascot : Top Model – Level 2 & Associate for Education (Asia)
Aleida Rhode: Titled Model – Level 1 & Associate for Education (EMEA)
Bobie Woodget : Top Model level 1 & Events
Jocelyn Anatine : Head of Creative (Graphics)

Junior Model Contract
Willemina Meriman : Junior Model Trainee
Kayella Kurrajong : Junior Model Trainee
Tiffany Dragonash : Junior Model Trainee
Eppany Palisades : Junior Model Trainee
Naori Hirano : Junior Model Trainee 

New Hires
Darcy Earnshaw – PR & Promotions Associate
Xena Faulds – PR & Promotions Associate
Mandi Silverspar – Associate Graphics
Monkicat Giha – Fashion Writer
Decoy Nagy – Fashion Writer
Gemini Galatea – Associate for Education (EMEA)

All named staff will be starting their new contracts as of the 1st of May 2008. The Ewing Fashion Agency would like to congratulate and welcome you all.