Advertising is promotion is a key part of your career and business and the way you portray yourself, your services – your brand is key. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to win a free ad-board and have the Ewing Fashion Agency help you express yourself in the way you need to without the hassle of the cost. We will be opening a pool to accept submissions in the form of clothes to be featured in ALTAMODA Magazine. Each Month, we will select our favourite submissions and shoot an ad-board for it. its that simple.

Interested parties must follow these very simple rules.

1. Create a Folder called AMM AD-BOARD DD-MM-YY.

2. Create a subfolder called Promotional Material in which we request you add:

i) A note card about your brand and business (include a blog link if you have one). Please do not embed anything else in the note card.

ii) One landmark to your main store;

iii) A picture of your self and a logo (all of which must be full perms).

3. Create a another sub-folder called Submission in which we request you add the item to be showcased. Please do not box these – the folder when opened should show the contents. The contents must  be transferable.

4. Send the folder to Elise Alsop.

Please note the owners of items we aimj to showcase will be notified. Others will not – however we may consider using some items for blog and copy reviews.