Fine Art and Fashion Design graduate, Pixieplumb started out designing vintage purses and found herself quickly drawn into the world of accessories – shoes, belts, bags, you name it. Pixieplumb works hard and listens to the needs of her customers, something that is very rare indeed. She took a little time out from her busy schedule to tell me exactly what her new business empire, Baby Monkey, is all about and where she hopes to go next.

Harriet Gausman: When did you first start designing in SL?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: Early in January, this year.

Harriet Gausman: Did you have any RL design skills or did you learn inworld?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: I got my B.A in fine art and fashion design in 1981, but designing for SL is very different from designing in RL. And of course, the raw materials are virtually free in a virtual world!

Harriet Gausman: What or who do you consider your inspiration for your designs?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: Initially I wanted to make hats and bags (purses) with a retro 1940’s and ’50’s look. They were things I wanted and couldn’t find in SL. Some of my friends liked them and suggested I make them to sell. From there it was like Topsy and just growed! I listen to my customers’ feedback about the styles they would like to see, and I have to put in a thank you to my rl husband who is also my sl partner, Gonkerplumb Flanagan. He makes my sculpt maps, and is infinitely patient and kind.

Harriet Gausman: How would you describe your collection?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: Cheap!! Essentially I make accessories that are as close in appearance to real life products as I am able, and always to my own designs, for budget and fashion conscious avatars.

Harriet Gausman: Who do you think buys your items?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: A lot of my customers don’t want to spend huge amounts of lindens, but still want a wide range of styles and colours in their accessories. They all have a great sense of style and fun, and particularly my group members who are a wonderful bunch of people. I am constantly amazed and touched by how kind and generous and helpful they are. And how patient when I muck up setting scripts and perms! I couldn’t categorise them further than to say that they are the smartest shoppers in SL!

Harriet Gausman: Where do you see yourself headed in terms of business and design?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: We have recently opened a new venture, the Monkey Mall, which is adjacent to our stores. This is specifically for designers who are starting out in SL business and it gives them a chance to show their products and build their businesses. It’s free – no rent or commission – and one of the most fun things we’ve done.

So far as Baby Monkey is concerned, I’ll continue bringing new styles to my customers. I’ve recently added a couple of styles of belts which have been hugely popular, and I plan to do more glitch pant free skirts too.

Visit Baby Monkey and see what all the antics is about.