The Spring and Summer trends in 2008 are promising! Purple is reminiscent of the 80’s and the present day. It is combined with over-sized bags, t-shirts and large earrings. The trousers, short tight skirts and capris can be worn with a jumbo sweater or t-shirt to complete the city chic “just threw it on” look to make an eye-catching outfit for a stylish stroll down the boulevard. Lots of recently released items from Armidi and Muism make it very easy to dress trendy in Second Life. Don’t forget to check out TESLA for trendy hats. Find the style you are most comfortable with. Get inspiration from friends, mothers, fashion magazines or just be creative and create your own fashion.

What I wore in picture above:

Skin: Misha/blue from Redgarve

Earrings & bangle: Tapered set from Yummy

Necklace:Tomboy signature charm necklace from Jackal Ennui

Shirt:Keiko Tunic Dress/lilac from Armidi

Shoes:Dahli bow platfrom/purple from Armidi

Socks:Calzintuille from biancaF.

Skirt: Classic A001 Jean skirt/dark from Armidi

Hat: “Magaret” hat from TESLA

Hair:MessyHair/blond from MMS

Bag: Ostric/purple from Muism