Think of it like as your weekly yoga or aerobics class; a time to sweat, hang-out with friends, enjoy great moments with other beautiful people. Only this time it is on the runway and the stakes are high! Do you dare to tread the boards, beat the challenges and risk elimination?

Runway-Robics is the new concept event from Ewing Fashion Agency for professional models and anyone who dare to take to the runway. A chance to win amazing prizes while having serious fun. Your hosts Rena Mascot and Bobie Woodget will be hosting one dare-devil of a fun-packed time for you. So, if you think you are up for the challenge, grab some of your friends and bring ’em on down to to Runway-Robics.

Take a simple runway set, put some tricks and treats on, a great DJ, some great music, tonnes of beautiful people, leg-warmers, leotards and stilettos, lots of drama and you have a hawt event and a night not to miss!! Come and challenge your skills, you agility and all-round castability (does that word even exist)? Only one rule, have fun, and pray for damn life. Don’t trip, slip and get to the end… If you can…

To join in, look up and join the Ewing Events VIP in-world group to get the latest on the development of this event and the launch date. Then Jump into your hightest stilettos (not the guys of course), leg-warmers, leotards (that part also applies to the guys!) and come and tread the boards with us.