Harriet Gausman: When did you first start designing in SL?

Four Yip: Three months ago I started to build. my first chlothing design I made a year ago, if I remember well.

Harriet Gausman: Did you have any RL design skills or did you learn inworld?

Four Yip: I make illustrations in rl and I am quit skillfull with photoshop.

Harriet Gausman: What or who do you consider your inspiration for your designs?

Four Yip: I get my inspiration mostly from song texts or art pieces.

Harriet Gausman: How would you describe your collection?

Four Yip: It is not really a collection, I work random on things that come up in my mind. I like to combine clothes with builds and avatar gadgets so it will make small stories to play in. trying to put sounds and moving image into it but don’t have enough skills yet to do so ,..so soon will be there.

Harriet Gausman: Who do you think buys your items?

Four Yip: Almost all of my items are for free… so hard to say who picks them up..all who like free stuff I think (everybody?)

Harriet Gausman: Where do you see yourself headed in terms of business and design?

Four Yip: I am not doing business..I try to learn from my designing in sl and get in contact with others who like to share what they make in sl. I grow in my thoughts and that makes me see the same things again differently,……and I enjoy that very much.

All these items are free and can be found at Four Yip’s two stores at Mo-Island.