Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Hi. My name is Willemina Meriman and I’m a new junior model with EFA. I will be blogging for you once a week. For my first blog I took a walk in the park….well, after shopping of course. As the weather was perfect, I chose this light summer dress in cream, honey and olive. The dress comes with a set of two bracelets and a pair of earrings. I replaced the earrings with a set of earrings and necklace in gold and apatite; a great combination with this dress. To protect my eyes against the midday sun I was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. These are olive to match the trimming of my dress. Like the rest of my accessories, a cute leather and wood handbag with nice details and shoes in olive shades. The shoes are elegant, but comfortable enough for a walk. I hope you enjoy my first blog.




Here is an interview with Tempest Hennesy, our dedicated and driven models teacher and mentor to realize how important runway skills are in this industry…

Bobie Woodget: Tempest Hennesy, you know better the anyone how to express the true attitude that makes one blossom.

Tempest Hennesy blushes. Thank you.

Bobie Woodget: So, when you’re at a show what makes you say: “that chick has been professionaly trained?”

Tempest Hennesy: Well, there are more than a few who think it’s easy to ‘walk’ in a show. As easy as pointing in a direction and moving there, but it really does take more than that. To me, when I see someone who knows what they’re doing, that person makes it look almost fluid… almost real; well as real as you can get in a virtual environment. Can they go from walking, carrying themselves, to a pose and make it look like it’s not being done by a robot or a doll? Can they make the people watching stop flipping windows and pay attention because, along with the mechanical, they’re also bringing the personality into it? Then, they’ve got. It’s all of that. The mechanics, the timing, the poise, the grace… the knowledge to pull it all together.

Bobie Woodget: So to you it starts by identifying the image you wanna show the audience?

Tempest Hennesy: Exactly. If you want to be a model, a professional model, then as much as it’s practice practice, practice, it’s also perception. If people can’t look at you and see professional, then you can practice till you’re blue in the face and your feet bleed. Show the audience that you’re serious. Then, they’ll be watching while you pull everything else together. Well… not you, LOL! You already do that.

Bobie Woodget: Hehe thanks! At your opinion… when does the model’s image interfere with the designer image? In other words, how flexible does the model have to be with his/her own image?


She lives in a cute and beautiful house, with a girly touch and a beach right in front of her bloomy garden. Ducklings and swans relaxing in a small pond and a doggy is taking care of it all.

And then I met her. A beautiful and stunning woman, a popular model at Funky Art, a successful manager at Indyra Models, where she is modelling too. She is also hosting events for Dol Events, a romantic place run by Dutch people.

Just like her: Frederika Babii.

Leeza Catteneo: Frederika, where could people meet you? Or is it a secret?

Frederika Babii: Oh no, that’s not a secret. Well, I normally went to Sands but it closed down, which is really sad. Sands was a club owned by getfamous from the Sands sim and Dean, the husband of Emilia Redgrave.
So now I go to GetZ. Friday’s at 3 pm you can find me at Sky club where a very dear friend of mine, Shon Larsson, is DJing. And I love going to Club Digital. They just re-opened.

Leeza: I see, you’re clubbing a lot!

Frederika Babii: But most of all I love to go shopping!

Leeza: What are your favourite stores to shop?