She lives in a cute and beautiful house, with a girly touch and a beach right in front of her bloomy garden. Ducklings and swans relaxing in a small pond and a doggy is taking care of it all.

And then I met her. A beautiful and stunning woman, a popular model at Funky Art, a successful manager at Indyra Models, where she is modelling too. She is also hosting events for Dol Events, a romantic place run by Dutch people.

Just like her: Frederika Babii.

Leeza Catteneo: Frederika, where could people meet you? Or is it a secret?

Frederika Babii: Oh no, that’s not a secret. Well, I normally went to Sands but it closed down, which is really sad. Sands was a club owned by getfamous from the Sands sim and Dean, the husband of Emilia Redgrave.
So now I go to GetZ. Friday’s at 3 pm you can find me at Sky club where a very dear friend of mine, Shon Larsson, is DJing. And I love going to Club Digital. They just re-opened.

Leeza: I see, you’re clubbing a lot!

Frederika Babii: But most of all I love to go shopping!

Leeza: What are your favourite stores to shop?

Frederika Babii: Well of course ARMIDI! And I love to shop at Leezu Baxter Design, Redgrave, Untone, Earthtones, Muism, Indyra, Dutch Touch, Maitreya and the Addixion sim. Oh, and Shiny Things of course!

Leeza: What are you wearing at the moment?

Frederika Babii: Well, at the moment I’m wearing the Jones Coat of Leezu Baxter Design. Normally its longer but I’m wearing only half of. I have a jeans skirt on from Armidi and tights from GLAM. They were free, but beautiful! And you can color them yourself! The shoes are from Shiny Things. They are called Brandy. And of course the hair. It’s from Armidi, my favourite store for hair.

Leeza: Oh, and where did you get your beautiful earrings and belly button piercing?

Frederika Babii: The piercing is from Addixion and the earrings are from Earthtones.

Leeza: Your look is like a “cute, girly & sexy woman who feels very comfy.” Does that describe your personality?

Frederika Babii: Thank you, that’s exactly how I feel and who I think I am. It’s great to put different styles together and make it “your own.” It’s more personal like that. More people should do that I think. It’s fun. I barely wear a outfit that I bought at the same store… I’m always mixing. Your clothes and hair say who you are I think.

Leeza: I like this skin on you. What skin are you wearing, Frederika?

Frederika Babii: It’s a skin from Redgrave and it’s called Beyonce. Emilia gave it to me for the fashion show with Funky. But the show never happened.

Leeza: Are there any upcoming shows or events in the near future?

Frederika Babii: Well there are a few things coming up, which I cant say anything about yet.

Leeza: What do you have on your mind that you want to say to the models and fashionistas out there. Something from your heart to this people?

Frederika Babii: Be yourself. Find out who you are. Create your own Style. BE YOU! Don’t even try to be someone else! We are all unique and all have great qualities. Use them to make your life and the life of others better!

Leeza: Thank you, Frederika!

Frederika Babii is wearing:

Coat: Jones Coat – Leezu Baxter Designs

Skirt: Island Jean Prim Skirt / Dark Wash – Elephant Outfitters (Armidi)

Tights: G.L.A.M Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (FREE!) – GLAM

Shoes: Brandy Shoes – Shiny Things

Hair: Valley Girl, Espresso – Armidi