When it comes to skins in Second Life, Beauty Avatar is on top of the game. I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Sita Loire (founder of Beauty Avatar) about her business, its future, and some of the new things we can look forwards to from her team. As a self proclaimed party girl, Sita now has little time for playing. With her company just over three months old and quickly becoming one of the elite of Second Life I was curious (as I’m sure many of you are) about some of her ideas and plans for the future of the Beauty Avatar team. Lucky for us, she gives us a peek into the secrets of the Beauty Avatar upcoming changes! She assured me that there is much to come and there are some secrets we will just have to wait to see though!

DE: What made you decide to start designing in SL?

SL: In RL I’m a graphics designer, and I love art in all its aspects, and from there I started designing skin for my friends at the beginning. That helped me in this adventure.

DE: What is your favorite of all your skins?

SL: Oh hmmm. Let me think. It’s been the SPECIAL EDITION of NEFERTITI to make Beauty Avatar famous, but the latest skin line NEMESIS is my favorite one, number 3 especially.

DE: Well, tell me, what do you feel has been one of the things that has made Beauty Avatar stand out from the rest of the skin shops in SL?

SL: I think it’s been the variety of choice that we offer, from the girl next door, to the fashion diva that searches for a special look.

DE: In Second Life, especially with skins, it seems that many girls stick with the same old, same old: the beach tan. Do you find that it is hard sometimes to get women to look for more creative forms of expression in their avatar skin?

SL: Hehe. Yes, it’s true. The bronze skins usually are more purchased than the others. But it all depends on your feeling, in my shop I meet all kinds of girls with every expression of their personality, and they are all different. But, I can’t blame the choice to always be tanned: who doesn’t love summer? πŸ˜‰

DE: So true! Hahaha.

DE: With the success of Beauty Avatar have you ever felt overwhelmed or are you just basking in it? πŸ™‚

SL: I started for fun, and I keep on doing it because I love what I do. The beauty and happiness of my costumers, makes me happy too!

DE: What kinds of things have inspired some of your designs?

SL: Fashion and arts, no doubt. And beauty, obviously. Lol.

DE: Do you feel that beauty is a common thing in SL or is it something you have to search for to find?

SL: Beauty in SL is a thing that everyone can have, but it all depends on you, on your fantasy, and on your taste. Lol. But, in the end, like in RL, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

DE: What excites you the most about Beauty Avatar’s future?

SL: Well, you’re one of the first people to know, but soon, Beauty Avatar will become WORLD OF BEAUTY, a whole sim dedicated to beauty!

DE: WOW! That is fantastic!

SL: Yes, and I’m really excited about this πŸ˜€

DE: Will it be all your designs or will other designers have places there?

SL: For the moment only my designs, Beauty Avatar is a team and we’re growing every day together, we want to offer all that we can for men and women, and we hope to offer not only skins, shapes, and clothes, but more, including accessories! We have started to make shoes and boots and we want to grow more!