Deserted with December

It’s a fashionista’s nightmare… being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no place to go – and worse, no place to shop! But even with the hot sun beating down relentlessly through the fronds of a palm tree and salty seafoam ruining your suede mules, a girl’s gotta keep her cool. So, every week I sit down with the fun and fabulous of Second Life to get the skinny on what would keep them cool out in the heat on some remote desert isle.

This week, I got the chance to whisk away the lovely Ms. Hibiscus Flossberg of Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel, to a cozy, sandy little spot, and find out just what she would take with her, if she were… lost.

For this design diva, her I-pod is a must, because, like yours truly, she’d be tingling for some tunes in no time flat. Paper and pens would be in her emergency pack too, for writing and drawing to keep her busy, along with any book by author Barbara Kingslover. As any true fashion expert knows, sunspots and wrinkles on your skin are a big no-no, and skin cancer is nothing to fool around with, so this beguiling beauty would tote along some sunblock, too, to take care of that high-quality skin. And, of course, who could go without matches to light a fire to keep away the chill in the evenings as the wind blows over the water? After all, unless you can bring along a summery studmuffin, you gotta have something to keep warm with!

Of course, you can’t expect a gal to be completely alone out there! So, when I asked Ms. Flossberg what designer she would choose to be stranded with for some collaborative fun, she told me that she’d love to collaborate with Nicky Ree, because she adores her bold use of colour and rich textures. Of course, I don’t think any of us fussy fashionistas would mind one bit if these two geniuses put a little something together! For now, it’s just a dream… but there’s always tomorrow!