Well, the daffodils have all gone and the bluebells are almost over so I thought it’s out with the old and in with the new. Browsing through the shops, with this in mind, I came across Aden Breyer’s shop – Aden. Hmmm, simple name, simple designs? Well, actually a bit of everything; glamour, california girl, beatnik and of course simple, classic cuts, like this one called Edie. I tried both the blonde and the brunette because I change the colour of my hair like I do my underwear…well, enough about that.

I love the cut and layers. It actually looks very realistic and I would by happy to wear this style in real life – if I was brave enough to get it cut! Perhaps a pixie cut like this would sway it?

Just to show the contrast in colours, I am seen here in the blonde cut. The style enhances your features and looks good with the brighter makeup as well as the light pink.

Aden, has a fantastic variety of styles for all tastes. She may not have the largest store in town, but what she has got is quality. And believe me – I’m fussy.

Me wearing Tori in Red.

Whatever your taste, I think you won’t help but be impressed and I am sure you will come away with something perfect for you. For now, the Edie cut is one of my all time favourite styles and I intend wearing it until my hair falls out.

Me wearing Madison Dark Brown.

Visit Aden today and lose your head to fashion. Satisfaction guaranteed.