This week, I met one of the most aspiring males in the fashion world. He is talented and hard working, with success in several departments. It is safe to say that everyone in the model and fashion world knows him.

The person I am talking about is Jonny Tobias.

Leeza Catteneo: Jonny, you are a well respected model in Second Life. What does modelling mean to you?

Jonny Tobias: Modelling is more about the social aspect for me, because I like to meet people. I have been in most agencies but I’m more than just a model. I’m a manager at the Best of Boulevard Agency. It really satisfies me working behind the scenes as much as doing the actual runway shows. But being recently chosen by the Best of SL designers and press group as one of the top 5 male models in Second Life was perhaps the greatest honor bestowed upon me. Mainly due to the fact that as a model, my job is to represent the designers and for them to actually recognise that I work hard and vote me to be in there means a great deal to me.

Leeza: You must earn a lot of money then.

Jonny Tobias: Not really from modelling. It is all about expenditure as I am sure you can attest, having the latest and greatest of everything or something nobody else has is essential to make you stand out among the masses of SL. I mostly make money from styling and shapes. I haven’t been chasing down work as of late, it’s more like people are coming to me after either reading my profile or by word of mouth . But the funny thing is, every single person I have ever styled in here, has been 100% satisfied or has gotten work afterwards. Like modelling gigs, staff positions at places, etc. I guess they get the benefit of me as a friend. I can help put them in contact with the right people or offer advice to help them with whatever they decide to do. I am currently in the process of opening a store, just that with all the other things on my agenda, it has been a slow process to get it going. Being a perfectionist hasn’t helped either as I want things to be flawless if my name is going to be placed there.

Leeza: So people could contact you to get styling tips from you?

Jonny Tobias
: If they are willing to pay then sure. To quote my profile “The most valuable thing you can give someone is your time.” Now, for the past 10 months, I have spent an average of 10+ hours a day here. So, if you wanted speak to anyone else who has done that and has the experience I have, I think you would be talking to a very select group of people. I have spent the time so others don’t have to. It is a unique skillset that only comes with experience as well as a natural ability to have some sense of style. But the thing is that when I style people, I get to see what they are like as a person, which helps me if I need someone to recommend for a job. Like one on one time. You get to see how that person takes direction and advice. Which is crucial when you are a model. So I can cater to all markets really, from someone just starting in SL to someone who has been here a long time and just wants a change from their usual look, even to modelling advice. I guess I cover all facets with what I am able to offer to clients.

Leeza: To me, you look like a sophisticated rock guy at the moment. Are you like that in real life?

Jonny Tobias: Not really. I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, or I wear suits for work. I’m in something I would wear in real life. Other than the boots, I prefer shoes as boots are too heavy in RL. But yeah, I listen to a lot of rock in real life.

: Have you ever met a designer of the clothes you are wearing at the moment?

Jonny Tobias: I have met Eppy [Eponymous Trenchmouth] from Jeepers Creepers, but I have never met Emilia Redgrave. The jeans and top are by her and I have every colour of them. I probably own about 60% of the store’s items because I just buy one of everything or the whole lot of things I like, like these jeans. I hope more new stuff comes out soon. She would have to be my favorite photorealistic designer for sure.

Leeza: I guess the jeans are your favourite item in this ouitfit?

Jonny Tobias: Yes, the jeans and the boots.The latter because they are the most versatile item I own. They go with anything! The belt is cool too, I just threw that on to add a little more to the outfit. I like the back detail of this top the most, as we all know how long we spend looking at the back of our avie’s body, so that design is a good change from the suits and things I wear alot.

Leeza: Where could people meet you when you go out in Second Life?

Jonny Tobias: I usually go to the Bushy Beard pub in the Brugge sim when I am not doing anything. Great people and conversation there, even if it does sometimes revert to unicorn sex or dick and fart jokes! But mostly, I just try to go to where I am invited to, if I am online at the time. I swear, I miss half the events because I hate to have to rezz invites and things. Just give me a texture or mention it in a group. But same as my work really, I choose what to attend mostly.

Leeza: Do you want to send out a statement to the fashionistas?

Jonny Tobias: I would say wear what you feel comfortable in, don’t listen to any detractors, just be yourself at all times. The people who are ‘actors’ here are revealed eventually, and if you live your Second Life always trying to please people, you are only going to come up short somewhere along the line. So, take my advice and do whatever it is that makes you happy, and choose your clothing in the same way. I personally dress to reflect moods here. Sometimes, I put together an outfit like this when I am lounging around the house or with friends, other times I dress up for photoshoots or playing. The beauty of Second Life is we can do it all, and with such relative ease – it is amazing.

Leeza: Thank you, Jonny.

Jonny Tobias is wearing:

Shoes: Oslo (Black) – Jeepers Creepers
Jeans: Used-Look Nr.2 -Dirty – Redgrave
Belt: From Jeans Short Skull – Redgrave
Jumper: Sweater Dark Brown Leather – Redgrave
Bracelet: Belou cuff – Shiny Things
Hair: Jared – ETD