Harriet Gausman: Tell me a little more about the person behind Nany Merlin.

Nany Merlin: Nany is a dreamer, a cheerful, simple person; someone who loves the simple things life offers.

Harriet Gausman: What skills did you bring with you in-world? Were you well-prepared for the job of a fashion designer here in SL?

Nany Merlin: I work with graphic design and fashion photograhpy in RL – this has given me a good reference for my creations.

Harriet Gausman: What made you venture into SL?

Nany Merlin: I love people and love being in contact with them, and I believe that Second Life brings people together in a very special and unique way.

Harriet Gausman: Were you productive from the start or did you waste time pimping your avatar and learning the basics first? How quickly did you begin to trade?

Nany Merlin: At the start, the intention was only for entertainment. As my avatar had no clothes nor skin that I liked, I began to create my own and people began to show an interest in them. So I started marketing them.

Harriet Gausman: Tell us a little about your businesses here in SL?

Nany Merlin: Today I own and run an exclusive shop called Soul. I love my job and I always seek ways to improve it. I put my customers first and want them to be happy.

Harriet Gausman: For the benefit of those who have never tried your clothes, perhaps you can tell us a little about what makes the Nany Merlin brand so special?

Nany Merlin: My creations are all made with real textures, which leaves the avatar much more personalized. All the pieces are made with great quality and care.

Harriet Gausman: Are your designs based on real life fashion trends?

Nany Merlin:Yes, the world of fashion is very broad and beautiful, but I also try to produce new styles.

Harriet Gausman: Is there any particular formula that you follow when you design? Perhaps you could run us through the design process without giving away any of your trade secrets.

Nany Merlin: The process of creating for any artist is something very personal, but I can say I spend a lot of time thinking and researching and listening to customers and friends.

Harriet Gausman: What’s the key to your success?

Nany Merlin: The key to success is a single word, Work. Of course, honesty is also important and to always love what you do.

Harriet Gausman: What is your stance on the presence of content theft that is slowly pervading the grid? Do you think it can be controlled? Any suggestions?

Nany Merlin: I feel very sad, but Second Life is a simulation of our RL, and the problem is much wider than theft, it is the morale of the people, who can not respect the work of someone. But I believe that every society needs to mature and move through problems like these, I believe that something good will eventually come out of such situations. I think the creative company can think of better methods of control. Another problem is who is actually buying these stolen products. Who is encouraging them to buy? If you see some type of irregularity in this direction report it!

Harriet Gausman: Have you been affected anyway by content theft? What would you do if you were? What would be the procedure for reporting it?

Nany Merlin: Fortunately, I have not been affected by these thefts, but every time I see my friends go through it, I feel as if it were me, and I do my part. Every time something comes to my attention I report it.

Harriet Gausman: Do you have any new designs you are working on or hoping to bring out in the near future?

Nany Merlin: I just launched Apolo, this Friday; it is a male skin of high quality and realism. Soon, I will be releasing 2 new skins for women – also of high quality – and new male and female collections

Harriet Gausman: Do you have any advice you can give to those new designers trying to make a go of it in-world?

Nany Merlin: I think it’s a wonderful world for those who like to create, in various sectors. The beginner designer needs to learn to navigate before starting with the creations. They literally need to learn to walk again.

Harriet Gausman: What’s the next step for Nany Merlin?

Nany Merlin: To publish my work and offer original, quality pieces.