Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to announce the graduation of Ella Quinsette, Lacey Bade, Maedin Tureaud, Sofie Knoller, Lauren Mureaux and ZoeAnastasia Aeon, which was held on May 25th, into the world of modelling. All of the graduates have great potential and worked really hard to complete the 10 day course. We would like to wish them every success in their future.

The glamorous graduation ceremony in the Ischia district started at 1 PM SLT, with the new models making an appearance on the runway while an audience of of family and fashion industry representatives watched, applauding loudly. A special thank you to the people that were present for making this a memorable night for everyone!

Thinking of becoming a model or want to brush up on your skills? See the model training course page here for more information and prices.