It seems Kara Eagle of Karamia is no baby to the game having transported herself into this wonderful world in August 2006. It’s strange that she isn’t such a big player as she has some unique design concepts.

She has several stores dotted around the grid but her main store appears to be at Appearance Mode.

Karamia has a mix of casual wear; jeans, pretty tops, underwear and cute dresses.

It also has a small skin collection with shades ranging from light to dark. I have to say that dark skins never seem to hit the mark for me; the pigment often appears all wrong. Although, Karamia’s dark shade is lovely, it is nothing more than a dark suntan. It doesn’t help matters when the model is seen wearing blue eyes and blonde hair. I would love to see some true black skins out there. I know they exist but they are few and far between.

I am a creature of habit and never stray far from my usual PXL skin, mostly because I can never find a skin that looks even half as good. With trepidation I stepped into the Karamia skin range; hoping beyond hope that I might find something equally as good as my own skin.

Hmmm! Well, I might not have found an equal but I did find some fun makeups, particularly the Tang and Thunderbolt selections. My favourite was the Tan Smolder as it opened up my eyes and made them visible from a distance. Overall, the skin gave me a winsome look and my mouth looked as if I were sucking on a lemon. The texture also had a curious a doll-like finish that was reminiscent of an old horror movie. Sadly not for me, but I might wear the Thunderbolt for a photo shoot or two.

Having said all of this, I’m sure you will find something to please, so check Karamia out and see what YOU think.