I’d like to think that my look is funky casual. I try to keep up with the trends by visiting old and new stores in Second Life. I do, as well, read various designers’ websites to keep myself up to date and know when they will be releasing new stuff. Or, I suddenly remember a place I saw a long time ago, so I decide that it is time to revisit them. Very often, I come across surprises which haven’t been mentioned in the SL fashion news. I love them, like I did when I went to Freesoul, a store I used to frequent when I was still new in SL.

For example, I found these cute baggy military pants, so nice to wear and looking good too. There are many other cool stuff from Freesoul – well, if it was in RL, I would say that most of the stuff you find there are for teenagers, though, I am not that old yet, so I like to wear young styles. To me, fashion has no limits, you are the fashion yourself together with your personality.

Shoes are from Periquita – available in various trendy colors – and it’s also possible to purchase a fat pack.

My bag is very realistic looking. I got it from Five Minutes After Outfits. My shirt is from Punch Drunk and is part of a dress called Rockstar.

As for the hair, someone told me that I need to comb it, well, that’s true, but I love the style – you can get it from Bishwear and they also have lots of other hair styles, good quality variety for every taste.

Skin: Hana – smokey from Redgrave

Nail: Esmalte vermelho from Relance

Hair: Corinne/brown from Bishwear

Earrings:Glam earrings/black from Creamshop

Necklace:(3.) Pearl egg necklace from Armidi

Bracelet:(5.) Metallic Tres bangles/silver from Armidi

Shirt:Part of dress “Rockstar” from Punch Drunk

Pants: Military baggy pants/black from Freesoul

Belt:(4.) Part of sculptedred caro baggy pants from Freesoul

Shoes: (1.) Funny girls flat/black from Periquita

Bag:(2.) Shoulder Bag Stripes from Five Minutes After Outfits