This week, I visited a beautiful woman. One of the first MAD Agency Models and reigning Miss Brazil. She works for the Miss SL Universe Organisation, Boulevard Agency and Minnu Model Skins. She is a very friendly person and was so kind to have me at her beautiful home.

Leeza Catteneo: You are Miss Brazil. I’ve heard that you don’t have to be from the country you are representing in the Miss SL Universe competition. Are you from Brazil?

Willamina Fitzgerald: Yes, that is true. I’m not from Brazil, I’m from the USA.

Leeza: Are there any special things you need to do as Miss Brazil?

Willamina Fitzgerald: Not really. I’m still active with the Miss SL Universe Organisation. This weekend, we picked more finalists for the month of May.

Leeza: Can people still join?

Willamina Fitzgerald: Yes, applications are open until October. It will be even bigger this year I think. But you have to be willing to commit and work hard.

Leeza: And besides that, you are working for Boulevard Agency, MAD Agency and Minnu, too?

Willamina Fitzgerald: Yes, I am. I have been in MAD Agency since they opened its doors, but I did model for Kirk Claymore and Maddox DuPont even before that. My first session with Kirk gave me the desire to model. It is more than just an agency – we are all family. Mad and Kirk are the greatest to work for. And we couldn’t ask for a better manager than Risa Bright. Minnu and I have been friends before she started making skins. She is a part of the Agency.

Leeza: Am I right when I say that your style is fashion meets rock n’ roll? I saw your in the Cal Gal group and I have to say very californish.

Willamina Fitzgerald: I dont think I have a particular style. I put on whatever I feel like wearing everyday. I wear a lot of different things and I was feeling Muism today. When I go out I am still representing my agencies. So, I have to look good.

Leeza: Do you have a favorite item of the outfit you are wearing at the moment?

Willamina Fitzgerald: I would have to say my Muism Damaged Jeans, because they are so soft and comfortable. I like my shoes, too. They are from Shiny Things.
Leeza: Where do you usually shop?

Willamina Fitzgerald: Muism, Armidi, Nyte N Day, Gothic Cats, Indyra. I love Cachet. Kyoot Army is a favorite of mine, but I love LBD, Baiastice and Icing. And yes, I’m a Cal Gal, hehe. If I get up feeling kind of Catty, I go all Neko. I have ears and a tail but no skin.

Leeza: What would you say to all the girls and boys out there – to the fashionistas and models or people who would like to model?

Willamina Fitzgerald: If it is something you really want to do, keep working at it. Find a good school or coach and start small and work your way up. If you want it bad enough, you will get there. I feel I was lucky to get in with MAD Agency when they were just starting.

Leeza: Thank you for your time, Willamina.

Willamina Fitzgerald is wearing:

Jeans: Damaged Jeans/LightWash [Female] – Muism

Tank Top: Black Gothic Cross – Decadent Designs

Shoes: Black MaryJane Clogs – Shiny Things

Hair: Ellis/Black – Muism

Necklace: Padlock Chain – Sinners Ink Main Store

Earrings: Bezel – Cake

Lip Ring: Bezel – Cake

Skin: MMS Tan Diva Makeup 7 – Minnu Model Skin

Eyes: Always Greener (not released yet) – MAD Design