LeeZu Baxter Designs is a successful design firm creating women´s clothing and accessories, owned by LeeZu Baxter, the designer herself, and Suzi Phlox. Not that long ago, they also released clothing for men. They design, manufacture and sell their own creations in-world and they are also selling them in their eight retail outlets and through SL Boutique. LBD offer three lines: low budget, ready-to-wear and designer originals.

The people behind LeeZu Baxter Designs are well-known for their originality and incredible creations in Second life. Their designs are original simply because they do not copy or get ideas from the real life fashion world. When I met LeeZu Baxter for my interview, she said: “I never read any RL fashion magazine, nor do I follow the trends in real world, and it is the reason why people don’t know what I will present next time.”.In other words, they rock the SL fashion world with their unique and incredible outfits and never fail to get attention.

I met LeeZu a while back and asked her some questions:

Aleida Rhode: What is the most typical “problem” you have faced within the SL fashion industry? (Ex. Copyright, texture thefts etc. just to mention a few)

LeeZu Baxter: First of all, I have a Linden problem – with their templates. To have only one arm that mirrors the other one is too stupid. Also, this program (SL) still has a lot of other issues about it that prevent displaying fashion or ideas in a perfect way.

Aleida Rhode: What is your vision for the future as a SL fashion designer?

LeeZu Baxter: Perfect ionizing this program to be more flexible in designing fashion here. It’s a great market place to test what people really would like to wear without all the regressions in RL.

Aleida Rhode: How much do RL fashion trends influence your creations?

LeeZu Baxter: I don’t read RL fashion magazines, neither do I know about what designer is creating what, except when I see it accidently, as I hate it to be influenced by them. That would not be creativity then. I know the basic things or the golden line in fashion since I know it as a media designer also. I don’t need outside influence.

What I am wearing:

Skin: LightDIVA makeup # 2A from MMS

Hair:Rabi blond from Little Heaven

Eyelashes: Separated lashes from Cake

Dress: Jardin Flexi dress/pink from LeeZu Baxter designs

Earrings: Coco Diamond studded earrings from Miam Miam

Necklace: Crystal Coin Necklace from Paper Couture

Shoes: Skyliners pink from Shiny Things

Bag: Summer basket – flower from Muism